Troop 10 Policies 

Attendance Policy
Scouts are expected to attend all troop meetings on the schedule and participate in the other troop activities.  The senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, and patrol leaders are expected to attend the monthly patrol leaders’ council meeting in addition to the regular troop meetings.  A 75% attendance in both troop meetings and outings is necessary to meet leadership requirements, especially for those scouts first class and above.
The patrol scribe or patrol leader will take attendance at all troop functions and report to the troop scribe.  The troop scribe will record the attendance for the SPL and ASPL.  For the purpose of this policy, attendance is defined as being on time, in uniform, and participating with good scout spirit.

Uniform Policy
The uniform makes the Boy Scout troop visible as a force for good and creates a positive youth image in the community.  Wearing the uniform is also an action that shows each scout’s commitment to the aims and purposes of scouting.  All uniforms should be neat, clean, and fit properly.  The complete official uniform includes the Scout shirt, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt and buckle, and Scout socks.  Troop 10 has chosen to wear the Scout hat, name tag,  and a Troop neckerchief with slide.  This is referred to as a Class A uniform.  Wear full uniform including the merit badge sash and any medals for the Court of Honor and other ceremonies.

A modified Class A is worn for troop meetings.  A modified Class A consists of a Class A uniform with the exception of the scout pants/shorts.  In place of the official scout pants khaki or olive pants.  No camouflage pants, jeans or colored jeans will be allowed at any time.

For informal wear or outdoor activities, Scouts may wear troop or camp t-shirt with Scout pants, khaki pants, or olive green pants.  Jeans will be allowed in camp at specified times.  We refer to this as a Class B uniform.

Discipline Policy
The scouts are expected to participate in the meetings.  If the scouts do not participate or are disruptive, action will be taken to correct the situation.  Under normal situations, the patrol leader or other scout leader will issue a warning to misbehaving scouts.  If the activities continue, the patrol leader, the senior patrol leader, or other scout leader will speak to the scout.  Should the misbehavior continue, the Scoutmaster, or other adult leader will review the situation with the scout.  This may result in the scout being prevented from participating in the next troop activity or to call the scout’s parents to take him home.  If a scout is prevented from participating in the next troop activity or is sent home, he will be placed on probation for 6 months.  The following list of items must be completed before the scout is removed from probation.

Probation Requirement 

A scout must complete or do the following: 


Must personally want to be a Scout.


Show Scout Spirit


Have no violations of the Scout Law.


Must complete a service project for the troop.


Must apologize and replace any items damaged or destroyed.


Must complete a defined advancement schedule.


Must have regular meetings with the Scoutmaster to track advancement.


The Scoutmaster may request a parent accompany the scout at all times, at all meetings and outings during probation.

Failure to meet the requirements for probation will result in the scout being asked to leave the troop.

Event Payment Policy

The troop will have to charge fees for most outdoor events to cover the cost of food, supplies, and fees.  Information will be provided in advance and payment is requested by a deadline.  In some cases, deposits will be requested by a specific date.  Such deposits will be your notification of intent to participate and will be forfeited if you later elect not to participate.  Only those scouts and adults who notify by the specified date will be guaranteed t participate.  Attach a permission slip to all payments.  Please make all checks out to BSA Troop 10.  Fees will not be refunded.

In most cases, parents or guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend outdoor events with the troop.  Events will be cancelled if we cannot arrange adequate parent or guardian participation for supervision or transportation.

Dues Policy

Annual dues are payable on or before September 1 of each year.  Unpaid dues will result in scouts not allowed to participate in outdoor events or received awards.  For special arrangements, see the Troop Treasurer.

Food and Nutrition Policy

Proper preparation for scout outings includes preparing appropriate menus, a duty roster for meals, and planning time for cooking and cleanup. Some general rules apply:


Prepare and make BALANCED MEALS. Cook what you bring, eat what you cook.


Bring proper equipment and take care of this equipment.


NO candy. Snacks should be healthy.


NO soft drinks. Drink milk, juice, or water.

When applicable, the cost of food is included in the event fees.

Smoking and Drinking

It is the policy of the Boy Scouts of America that the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances is not permitted at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America.  It is prohibited at any activity involving participation of youth members.    For the parents that must smoke, you are requested to do this away from the scout camp or activity

Electronic Equipment

Radios, tape players, and TVs are generally prohibited on troop events and during troop meetings. The one exception is Walkman type personal radios and tape players under the following conditions:


On troop sponsored outdoor events (NOT Council or District events).


In the car going to and from troop events.


Personal use only (can’t be heard by others).

All such use of Walkman type radios and tape players is subject to furthers restriction by the Scoutmaster. Radios, tape players, Etc. are prohibited at all troop meetings unless in conjunction with an official ceremony.

Ax, Saw, and Knife Policy

To carry a knife or use a saw or ax, a scout must have a Tot’n Chip with at least one corner in tact and dated for the current year.  The Tot’n Chip is granted after completing instruction on the proper use of these devices.  If an axe, saw, or knife is, in the opinion of the Scoutmaster, misused, the scout loses a corner of the Chip.  When all four corners are gone, the scout loses the right to carry or use an axe, saw or knife until he has completed the instructions again. 

Swimming Policy

BSA policy requires scouts to meet minimum requirement in order to swim or be in the water as part of a scout function.  The Blue Tag swim certificate test indicates the scout’s swimming ability.  The Blue Tag is valid only for the calendar year the test was taken in.  Normally, the troop will coordinate testing for the Blue Tag along with the event that requires it.  The test is also available at summer camp.