Troop 10 strives to keep busy with a variety of fun events. Once a year, youth leaders plan the full year calendar with guidance from the Scoutmaster and the troop committee. Putting these events on your family calendar early will prevent conflicts and maximize participation. Our program will include an outdoor activity each month. Some of these activities may include:


  1. Summer Camp
  2. Troop Campouts
  3. Canoeing
  4. Caving
  5. Rappelling
  6. Hiking
  7. Community service projects
  8. Parish projects
  9. Council or National activities such as: Camporee/Jamboree


See the troop calendar for a schedule of events. Feel free to make suggestions to your patrol leader or Scoutmaster!



Troop 10 meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. in the Church of St. Benedict’s parish life center (except when holidays or church activities prohibit meeting). The Tuesday after a campout is usually a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). (See the Troop Calendar) This meeting is for patrol leaders and designated troop leadership for planning purposes. Our troop will follow the Fulton County School’s caution during inclement weather; we will not meet when school is cancelled.



The following equipment is required: Scout uniform (shirt and pants/shorts) with patches, Scout hat(worn on belt when inside buildings), Scout belt, Scout socks, Troop neckerchief, Nametag (provided by troop), Scout handbook, and Troop notebook.


Eventually, your son will need a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow (if desired), mess kit with utensils, and hiking boots. The suggested equipment for camping is listed on page 224-5 of the Scout handbook.


Scout uniforms and equipment (including merit badge books) are available at the Atlanta Scout Shop, or online at Talk with older scouts to learn other sources of equipment and what works best.


The troop also sells extra neckerchiefs and t-shirts with the troop name and logo imprinted. The t-shirts, or any scout t-shirt are considered as a class B uniform. See uniform policy.


All equipment and clothing should be marked with the scout’s name. Engravers work very well on metal such as cooking gear. Colored nail polish works on identifying utensils. Laundry markers should be used on clothing, sleeping bags or other cloth items.


Permission Slips

A permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian is required before a scout can participate in any outside activity. Permission slips will be available for the boys to take home prior to a scheduled activity and to download from the website. Please take the time to read it, completely fill in all the required information and return it prior to the due date. A generic permission slip can be found in the forms section of the scout notebook.



Upon joining, each scout is required to have a health history form filled out and on file with the troop before participating in any troop activities. A parent must update these forms annually. Scouts are required to have a physical exam by a doctor prior to participating in any troop activity over 72 hours or high adventure activity, i.e. summer camp. A medical form must be signed by the physician and kept on file with the troop. Please let us know if your son has any medical problems or takes medication on a regular basis.


Adults must have a medical form on file with the troop to participate; in addition, those over 40 must have an annual physical. Forms are available on the national BSA website.



While scouts usually hear the details of our events at meetings, this important information is not always passed along to parents. Ask your scout after each meeting to share this information with you. Scouts should be taking notes in their scout notebook. Information can be found on our Troop Yahoo Group. Our troop newsletter is another key way for you, our parents, to stay informed about our busy troop and become involved in our activities.




Troop Registration is a one-time fee of $50. This includes a troop notebook, troop neckerchief, troop numbers, a patrol patch, nametag, and troop Tshirt. Annual dues are $100 and due by September 1. Dues include a subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine and registration fees.


The troop plans several fundraisers during the year. These funds are used to pay for advancement badges, maintaining troop equipment and other needs. It is necessary for all scouts to participate in these efforts. In some cases, the troop profits from fundraisers are shared with the participating scout directly, via a scout account. Each scout’s account is maintained by the troop. Funds accrued by the scout can be used to pay for troop activities including helping to defray the cost of summer camp. Funds from a scout account belong to the troop and will not be given to any scout if they leave the troop.


Fees are established for outings to pay for food, camping fees and other expenses as required.